People gather in line to wait for stores to open their doors, hours into the cold morning of Black Friday. With the greatest deals on games, clothes, shoes, appliances, and more during this time of the year, we won’t blame them.

However, with more than 70 million people going out to participate in this Black Friday shopping madness, the aisles of different stores and malls aren’t the only places that become congested – the parking lots and roads, too.

So, what should you do?

Traffic and Parking Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday provides discounts and bargains on everything that you had your eye on but couldn;t reach your budget. Traditionally, this time happens the day after Thanksgiving, but this 2020, things have changed a little bit because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Retailers are enforcing social distancing, restricting the number of people coming into their stores. This can be a pain for shoppers, especially those who will bring their own car. Parking and traffic will definitely be present on this day, that’s why you need to plan ahead.

Escape the driving and parking stress during this shopping madness. Here are some traffic and parking tips for you:

  • Plan your route

The very first thing to do is to figure out what you want to buy and which places they can be bought.

Research online, check your email inbox for new offers from your favorite stores, or look at newspaper ads to make sure that the prospective stores offer the items you want to purchase.

Then, plan your route based on the location of the shops you want to visit. Figure out which stores could sell out items quickly, their opening and closing times, and more. This will allow you to shop smoothly when Black Friday comes. 

  • Use navigation apps

Avoid traffic during Black Friday by installing navigation or traffic apps. If you already have one, then good for you – you will be able to find the shortest route or an alternate route to avoid traffic snarls. 

  • Pay attention

A lot of people get distracted when parking in times like these, but don’t be one of them. The pressure of bargain-hunting is already on you, the last thing you need is an accident.

Here are a few parking tips: 

  • Keep your phone away.
  • Avoid cutting cross lanes.
  • Keep an eye out of pedestrians. Be alert for parents with strollers or small children.
  • Use your backup sensor or camera if you have one. If you don’t have a camera, on the other hand, you can depend on your side mirrors or simply look around before backing out.
  • Drive slowly so that you have time to hit the breaks.
  • Try parking away from the doors so that you won’t have any problem when leaving.
  • Ensure that you’re parking in the center of the parking spot to provide enough space for other drivers.
  • Park in a way that won’t make it hard for others to take out their vehicles.
  • Book online. This is a guaranteed way to spare yourself from stress. There are different sites and apps available online that can assist you with your parking needs. All you need to do is choose a spot and book before Black Friday comes.

You will never predict traffic when it comes to Black Friday shopping madness. Plan ahead to have a more convenient shopping experience.