The daily number of airline passengers screened by the Transportation Safety Administration this year is still down compared to 2019. But as the holiday approaches, the number has risen substantially – from less than 100,00 travelers per day in April to at least 1 million travelers per day as of December 20th.

Are you planning to fly this holiday season? Then, here are some of the things that you should expect before booking a flight.

At the airport terminal

Always bring alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer wherever you go. Wipe down anything you’re going to touch and sanitize your hands as much as possible to lower your risk of infection.

Major airlines and airports in the United States are also following the CDC guidelines, so you don’t need to worry.

They do various sanitizing practices, which include cleaning all ticket counters, gate seating, check-in kiosks, and other frequently touched areas with disinfectant sprays or solutions. They do these practices multiple times a day, along with providing hand sanitizer booths throughout boarding and ticket areas.

These airlines also require all passengers to wear face masks onboard. They are only allowed to remove their masks when they are drinking or eating. For those who won’t follow this protocol may be banned from future flights.

During the flight

Some of the major airlines are blocking middle seats to enforce social distancing for their passengers. They also have air-filtering systems, such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, that can remove up to 99.97% bacteria, airborne particles, mold, dust, and pollen.

The CDC also suggests travelers to wipe anything they touch – the area where they will be sitting, the armrests of the seat, and the tray table. In other words, wipe everything around your area before touching it.

Cancelling or changing flights

Airlines are trying to address their passengers’ concerns about upcoming flights by promoting temporary reprieves on cancellation or change penalties. No-fee cancellations and changes on new bookings, as well as steep discounts are offered by most providers, too.

On the other hand, a lot of tour operators have suspended trips in the near future – while the major cruise lines in the country postponed itineraries into the winter or spring. Cancellation policies on different hotel chains have been loosened, waiving cancellation or change fees that would normally apply to non-refundable rates.

Park with Parking Near Airports

Park with us. We also wanted to provide options that can help keep you and your family safe during your holiday travel plans.

Limited Seats on Shuttles

Our shuttles have limited seating capacities to enforce social distancing. We are blocking some of the seats, but the members of the same party can still sit together.

Antimicrobial Shuttle Treatment

We disinfect our shuttles with antimicrobial products – we’re cleaning them at least four times per day.

Touchless Entry and Exit

Most of our partners offer touchless in-and-out experience for passengers, allowing them to get the parking job done using their phone.

Luggage Assistance

Other than our trunk-to-terminal shuttle service, we also provide luggage assistance for our customers. This is optional, though. You can opt to request it during your online reservation.

Hand Sanitizer Booths

Our shuttles have hand sanitizer sections for our passengers’ convenience.

Face Masks

We require all employees and guests to wear face masks. Forgot to bring your mask? Don’t worry, we have your back. A limited supply of face masks will be available on our shuttles.